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2004 Ford Ranger Question: Car either stops running without warning and/or won't start at all.



coastal hawk, 2.3L 4 Cylinder, Foley, AL, February 02, 2014, 19:11

!0/2/2013: World not start. No power. Bad corrosion on battery cables and posts. Tried to jump it off and crossed cables. Smoke coming out of cables. Towed to Trax Tires. Replaced battery and cable. Ran diagnostic computer with no error codes.

11/1/2013: Driving home. 55 MPH. Full tank. Engine abruptly cut off and truck continued to roll. Power steering and power brakes went out. Able to wrestle vehicle to shoulder. Engine would not start. Had power and engine would turn over but was like getting no fuel. Towed in to same shop who replaced fuel filter and fuel pump.

12/15/2013: Turning around in an uphill driveway and backed into traffic. Engine quit and power brakes and steering went out. After several tries motor started and power accessories started working again. Few days later took to Ford dealer. They ran diagnostic computer with negative error codes. Technician drove truck 75 miles without engine quitting problem reoccurring.

1/15/2014: Truck sitting in driveway overnight. In morning would not start. Plenty of gas in tank. Engine getting power but again seemed to get no gas. Tried again later in day when it warmed up. Tried it daily since then with same results.

2/2/14: Tried to start truck and it fired off once and died a second later. Would not start at all after that. Having it towed a third time tomorrow to a third shop.

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    asksteevies February 02, 2014, 20:24

    Having it towed again ,damn ,what ta going to check this time ,why to a different shop? Theres a lot of possibility s here .this last shop should get it right. This bull s....,I'm thinking defective new pump ,did you here the initial 2 second prime of the pump, switch fuel relay with another relay rite
    Their in the fuse box and try it...good luck ,keep us posted...

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    coastal hawk, February 03, 2014, 12:38

    Thanks for quick reply. The shop that tried twice and failed told me to take it to the dealer. Dealer put it on the computer, burned a lot of gas and said they couldn't get it to cut off and fail to start so couldn't fix it. Going to the third shop because of recommendations of friends very satisfied with their service. Will pass on your idea about switching out the fuel relay to the mechanic.

    2/7/14 GREAT NEWS: Third shop followed your suggestion and found "Fuel pump not coming on. Found short in wiring to fuel system. Repaired wiring and could not duplicate any other starting issues at this time." Thank you sir, problem solved for $144.90!

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