car dying/ stalling on 1994 Volkswagen Golf

starts fine, while driving at low speeds or highway speeds, it will just die, lose all power, turn the key off, clutch and it will start right back up, sometime will do it 10 or 12 times in a few miles, other times it rarely does it, new fuel pump within the last 6 months, fuel filter right before fuel pump, also leaving a stop light sometimes it will stumble, and try to die, was told it could be the ignition?, or maybe the fuel pump acting up again, any help would be greatly appreciated

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It could be a Crankshaft Sensor problem. I would still pull the codes to verify this, but Crank Sensors do go out on VWs. Best of Luck!
I have a similar sounding issue, I feel like its the anti theft system freaking out on me. But the Crankshaft sensor sounds plausible as well. That is something I need to consider. Let me know your thoughts.
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VW are notorious for Ignition switch problems.They can go out intermittenly or just completely.Cost about $8 on Ebay.Replace.Or,could possibly be fuel regulator.Without testing fuel pressure etc. it's hard to tell. Coil???But I would go with the Ign. switch. Fixed mine that did the same thing.