Car doesnt turn over as fast what causes this?
on 2008 Chrysler Sebring

Use to start with just a quick turn of the key and letting go. Now it takes longer must hold for 5 seconds or more. Is this trying to tell me something?

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A lot of this issue is caused by a weak pump; The pressure will by-pass back through the pump, or fuel pump regulator which is at the pump, and make the start time longer while it re-pumps the pressure back to a start and run pressure. If all is good, it should maintain the fuel pressure so the car will start sooner.
Thanks for the info! Can the pump be checked by a garage thru the computer?
Not normally, you need a fuel pressure tester. Now you can locate the test port on the fuel rail and try to check and see how much fuel is there at the port to see if there is enough initially to be able to start the car before you crank it.
Thanks and Happy New Year!
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is the check engine light on assuming the vehicle is turning over well. Possibly bad gas if the check engine light is not on. Idle control valve could also cuase this issue.
Put some injector cleaner in the tank and see how it does
No engine light on so I'll give the injector cleaner a try. THANKS!!
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