Car doesn't always start properly. on 2005 Chevrolet Malibu Maxx

Cold or warm start this happens randomly. Turn the key over and it will either start partially then die immediately, sometimes it won't start at all unless I has the hell out of it.And then there's times it sounds like the starter/ignition sticks. Again it very random and most days its fine.
I have had similar problems with an 05 Malibu with no hatch. And it turned out to be a fuel pump. Please please please tell me that's not the case this time...

Ok,,, that's not the case this time...
Alright pushrod... smart ass... lol thanks I see you're a master with your 3 wrenches do you have any advice for me? I am some what mechanically inclined. O n I was just play in with the smart ass
I dont mind at all. I was just kidding too! Let me think on it a bit, i'll be back.
Okie dokie I'll be waiting. I have a cpl days before I'm with my car anyway. And I'm nervous about our reunion cuz my poor "Boo" Malibu has been sitting for 2 months with out being started. Scary......
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could be several issues,i rec you have a mech look at it
Not a good answer at all... I am my own
well then scan for codes and test components and fix the car
OK a shade tree mechanic with no special tools... sides the last time my cell came on it was because it wasn't running hot enough.. I think that's the same reason its on now. Whatever the code was.. lol