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2003 Volkswagen Passat Question: Car does not turn over while on a slope

The abs and engine lights are always on. When I park in drive-way with a little slope downward it will try to kick over but doesn't. This happens occasionally. Battery is new, plugs new, plug wires new, plenty of high octane gas. If I let it rest for 3-5 minutes while the engine is still cold it will then turn over. When parked in the garage or at work on level ground it kicks over every time. I have 237,000 on it... -
Answer 1
Manual transmission? -
Comment 1
No, automatic, V-6 GLX. Thank you- Bill -
Comment 2
Try this, next time you park on a grade and before shifting to park, set parking brake then shift to park. Start car before releasing park brake. Post results. May have an idea. -
Comment 3
Its working fine now! Figures...I'll try it and let you know. Thank you -