Car does not start on first try. Wait a couple seconds and starts on 2nd try. on 2004 Mazda Mazda3

The car will just crank and crank but not turn over. Doesn't matter hot or cold weather. After the initial crank, if I wait 3 or 4 seconds, then it will start immediately on the 2nd attempt. If I recrank immediately (before waiting 3 seconds), it won't start the 2nd time either. Sometimes, if I crank the first time continuously for about 5 seconds, it will work, but just barely. Any ideas?

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scan test for codes and check your fuel pressure when trying to start it
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Sounds like fuel pressure or maybe a leaking injector. Bring it by Dublin Auto Repair and they can hook a gauge up to her to determine what's going on.
Maybe the car has fuel in it