car does not start in moring it will click and crank over many times before starting on 1997 Lexus ES300

1997 es300 does not start in morning, might try 4 to 8 times it cranks sometime or otherwise just clicks when trying to start for some reason only in morning when cold it will start after trying for awhile

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Clicks when trying to start could be a low battery voltage but the starter in a Lexus ES300 is made by Nippon Denso it has replaceable contacts and solenoid plunger that can fail and exhibit the problem you describe.
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the clicking sound is from a bad starter relay or from a starter relay not getting enough power from a weak battery.Remember that after a vehicle sits overnight the battery voltage drops slightly.If you have a battery that is not holding a charge properly the in the morning the voltage would have dropped too low for the battery to have enough power to get the starter relay/solenoid to engage the starter which engages the flywheel which in turn spins the engine and is then energized when the fuel is ingited by sparks from the spark plugs.Armed with this knowledge a mechanic will be less likely to rip you.