1999 Infiniti I30 Q&A

1999 Infiniti I30 Question: car does not start

battery is good but the car does not start -
Answer 1
Check all fuses first? Could be possible starter? -
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car randomly does not start. the battery is new and there is no clicking or dimming of lights when i turn key. mechanic can not get it to fail so he can check it
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The smoke smells like gas nd it throws da gas straight out da muffler i cleaned da egr already but didnt change.. wat else can i check so t wnt throw white smoke?
Took the battery out to recharge it. The horn started blowing to stop it I put the key in the door and turned it. I replaced the battery and now the car wont start even click and the security light...
Problem disappears for several days after reset, then returns. Mechanic baffled.