2006 Kia Sportage Q&A

2006 Kia Sportage Question: Car does not start

I tried starting my car and it does not do anything when I start it. The radio, lights and all else works. Is it the starter or the starter switch? -
Answer 1
Could be the transponder in the key, the ignition switch, wiring, transmission gear position switch, starter, battery cables...many things could cause this. -
Answer 2
First you have to tell us if the engine cranks or not. If there is no sounv when the key is turned to the crank position, you have a battery, connection, or a starter problem. check the battery for correct voltage-- should be 12.0v or higher. Next, check the connection at the battery, be sure it is tight, both terminal/ next then check the starter by tapping on it with a metal object. -
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