1990 Toyota Camry Q&A

1990 Toyota Camry Question: Car does not pass SoCal smog NO about twice the limit. so is HC

I think the engine mechanical part is still good, as when I removed the spark plugs I see no sign of oil. Light gray in color. Tips all fine. First, is the car worth anything? Second, any hope to getting it to pass smog? Was told that I need to replace inner tie rod end (may be whole tie rod) and CV boots. I think this is not difficult, but I won't repair it if the car is worthless. registration expires 2/18. I can fill non-op for $18, but should I? Any opinion. Is there a value to someone if a car runs but won't pass smog? Low income people have ways to be smog-exempt in So Cal? Power train, engine and transmission, is still strong. -
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