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2007 Honda Accord Question: Car dirfts right - Camber off

Hello I recently purchased a 2007 Honda Accord and after driving on highway found the car drifted right. I took to my local mechanic who said that the camber on the left rear tire was off 4 degrees but he could see no way to make an adjustment to the wheel. I took the car back to the dealership where I purchased it at and they stated the car was aligned but could feel aright drift as well. I left the car with them and they said they would "Craddle" it and pull at the sub frame. Can this problem be fixed? Will pulling the sub frame damage the car or cause it forever to have difficulties? Not sure if I should just try to push for a return and get a new (used) car. Thanks -
Answer 1
This is common for body shops to pull the subframe back to specs so the alignment can be done properly -
Answer 2
If there is a problem with the subframe, you probably do not want to purchase the car. -