Car dings (rings?) 3 times when I put it into & take it out park What's going on on 1998 Chevrolet Malibu

It most recently did this when my radiator fluid was low. That problem was corrected and all was well for a couple of weeks. Now it's started the dinging again, but there is no indicator light on. I see there is a place to id engine type. I don't know what type it is.

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It is either a 4-cylinder 2.4liter or a 6-cylinder 3.1liter. Count how many spark plugs it has and you will now know.
Thank you very much for this input on figuring out the engine size of my car. I think I figured out the dinging deal, but I haven't had a chance to check it out yet. I found one of my back doors was not fully closed. A friend had used it twice. Usually if a door is in that position a light shows on my dash, but it didn't. So I couldn't tell what was going on. Thus, I think I need a fuse replaced. Does that sound right? I'll check it out later today when I have a chance. Thanks again. Susan
Fuse sounds about right.....if not the door closed sensor itself.
Thanks so much. I made a reservation at my Chevy dealer before I figured this all out. I just called with my great discovery. And, like you, they said....not quite so fast. So it could be something else. At least I've partially diagnosed the situation. Best, Susan