2005 Mercury Mariner Q&A

2005 Mercury Mariner Question: Car dies while coming to a stop after driving forva while

While coming to a stop after driving the 45 miles to work, my mariner dies. If I break with my left foot and give a little gas as I slow down, I can kee it running. Once I'm stopped, its fine. Doesn't do it while driving around town. Only after that long drive at 70 mph. -
Answer 1
Kind of an unusual situation; no known issues that I can see. I would check the throttle body to make sure it is clean and freely moving; the idle air control valve to make sure it is not sticking. Check the air intake for proper fitment - no air leaks. Check for any vacuum leaks. -
Comment 1
Had this problem checked out...it's the torque converter...saying probably over 1000 to fix...nice! -