car dies when it cold on 2000 Infiniti G20

I've brought my car to two different shops so far. the first changes an oxygen sensor. the second was stumped. My car sputters and dies mostly in the morning at high idle. It seems to die more when i put it in reverse. Once it's warmed up it usually drives ok. But lately i'll drive it for a good hour. with no problem, but then i'll stop for like 15 minutes or so and it dies a few times before it warms up again. I've gotten a new fuel pump recently. It seems to me like it's not getting enough of something or somethings clogged. The diagnoses plug in never seems to help or pinpoint the problem. Its been an ongoing problem for three momnths or so.

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By now you should have a "check engine" light on which will help in diagnosis. If not a qualified technician will need to perform some diagnostic testing and review data from your car to help get to the bottom of the issue! Good luck, Greg
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I was having the same issue with my 99, I changed the fuel filter and it hasnt done it since. but not sure if thats the exact problem. it was happening in the mornings usually when its cold outside
Ya i did that as well. Still an ongoing issue. Thank you though