Car dies when hot outside. on 1992 Mercury Sable

I live in Arizona and my car dies when it it too hot outside or when it has been driven too far.(too far is about 30 miles)Is this vapor lock? I think it will be a little pricey to fix.

Asked by for the 1992 Mercury Sable
Defective electrical components can fail when they get too hot. What happens is that any item with a circuit board can develop a crack around the circuit board solder joints, and as it heats up and expands, the electrical connection is lost. As it cools, it is ok again.
I have the same issue with my 93 Mercury Sable. Do you suggest having the circuit board or defective electrical components replaced or is it too pricey and difficult to issolate? My car runs fine from Sept - May. It's just these few hot months that it stalls at stop lights and I have to just turn it off until the light turns green and restart. I am waiting for the day it doesn't restart.
I had this problem and (believe it or not) it was the battery. I thought vapor lock too, but replacing the battery solved the problem