2002 Dodge Stratus Q&A

2002 Dodge Stratus Question: car dies at red lights

My stratus goes dead at red lights, sputters while Im driving and also the rpm s go up and down could this be the fuel filter -
Answer 1
Your concern is unlikely to be a fuel filter issue. It is more likely to be a base fuel pressure issue (fuel pump?) or air flow issue. You could be getting far too much air into the engine from a vacuum leak, an air intake leak, or a stuck idle valve. -
Comment 1
It was the EGR sensor it cost 175 at the shop -
Comment 2
Nice. Thanks for the folllow up! -
Comment 3
it is def the EGR valve and mine was only 100 to replace i just ordered it cuz its gone again! it was replace in 2005 too so it must be a stratus thing....... good luck! :) -
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