car died while driving-now won't start on 1995 Ford Taurus

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My daughter has a 1995 Ford Taurus. She wrecked it in November and my husband rebuilt the front end. I wouldn't start if it sat in the rain all day without running, but you could put a blow dryer to the distributor cap and it would start. So, we replaced the cap, didn't help. Since then, it died while she was driving it. It will turn over, and act like it will start, but won't. We replaced the plugs, wires, distributor cap, rotor, coil and fuel filter. He found that the purge solenoid has been disconnected (broken off) since her wreck. He can shoot starter fluid in the air intake to the fuel injectors and it will start and run for a minute or so, then choke and die. Any thoughts on what to do next? Can the purge solenoid cause issues like this? Would appreciate any help at all.
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The purge solenoid has nothing to do with this problem. Sounds like a fuel pump or hall effect sensor. Most likely the fuel pump.

You really need to put a fuel pressure gage on the inj. rail. Just because you hear something doesn't mean you have fuel pressure.
[1] Question . since this should be DOHC[heads] ,if eng. won't start BUT will spin over & see that if spray 'ether',in intake might start BUT not run[long] , U Know that 'if this is a DOHC eng. That this is a Interferance{i Think} Engine & will Jump Time , Bend Valves then Won't Start , Guess if spray ether might be able to F O R C E eng to start
If starting fluid can start & run the car even for a few seconds then Ignition isn't likely a problem nor is valve interferance. Check for proper fuel pressure @ fuel rail.