Car died going down the road. on 1994 Honda Accord

The car died going down the road and won't start. It turns over, but it won't start. I'm the second owner of this car and they said hey had the same problem with it to. You just be driving it and it just die and wouldn't start. If you leave it for 12 to 24 hours the car start and run fine for serval days than it do it again. The coil has been replaced on it new plugs and wires egr valve replaced. Has new battery in it also. Have spent serval hundred dollars on it and can not find out why it does this. It is just random when it does it. The car has been to several mech shops and no one can figure this out why it dies for some random reason and won't start. Can anyone help me figure this out or have any ideals. Thank you for your time.

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Only thing I can add is to have catalytic converter inspected to make sure you have smooth exhaust flow. If you have a failing cat. it will cause backpressure which starts with rough running to an eventual stall.
Thanks for response. The exhuast has been all checked out.
You can clean and/or replace your MAF sensor and IAC motor and see if this helps. Otherwise, I am running out of possible issues as well.