car died and won't start again on 1992 Dodge Dynasty

My daughter was driving the car and it just died. It won't start at all. It cranks but it's not getting any spark. I got the trouble codes and they were 12, 11, 43 and 55. The crank sensor was replaced, however it still doesn't start. Not sure if I should go ahead and have the cam sensor replaced or if that would be pointless. The relays have been checked and they're fine. Also timing chain is fine. Can anyone offer any ideas or have you experienced this same problem? Thanks

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Code 43 means that your Ignition Coil is not being switched which would mean there is no Spark, which you already verified. It would help to know which engine you had, but I would start inspecting the sensor inside the distributor.
I forgot to add the engine type, it's a 3.3 v-6.