Car died and will not start or crank on 1997 Saturn SL

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I started the car and it just dies. Wlould not start or even crank. When I put the key in the egnition (and NOT turning the key) you hear a clicking sound comming from the passenger side rear wheel well. Opening and listening in the trunk the clicking is defently comming from the wheel well area. Turning the key to start the car, nothing happens. The interior lights stay bright so I don't think there is a draw on the battery. The readio shuts off when you turn the key to start, the interior lights stay bright, the clicking stops. No other sound are heard. All other items work in the car, fan, Headlights, Radio, etc. No Security light is on and all pre ignition lights light like normal before you turn the key to start. Any sugestions?
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Sounds like the starter is bad but I see a starter relay available for your vehicle also, need to have a tech check this.