Car dead? on 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier

My Z24, when I turn the ignition switch nothing comes on. Not the radio nor the dash lights, nor the engine. I don't hear any turnover attempts at all. What could be causing this problem? Has my car gone to car heaven?

It sounds like the battery is dead. Try jump starting the car from another car or using a "jumper box". With another battery hooked up to the car turn on the ignition key and see if the lights and ignition light on dash come on, if so allow the second vehicle with the jumper cables hooked up to it run for a few minutes to partially charge your battery and then try to start your car. If it then starts charge and test your battery and check the charging system and or check to see that no electrical loads were left on that could have run down your battery.
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It could be something really simple. It's got to be something in the starting/charging system, so start with the battery by trying a jump, and then go from there. Could be the starter, ignition system, ignition switch.

Get to a good shop, and a competent tech will be able to get you back on the road.