Car cuts out when I push the gas pedal half way. on 1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

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I Can't go above 70 mph at all 65 if I am lucky. But when going up hill it goes 35mph tops. Its just starts cutting out and the car starts jerking when I press the gas pedal down about halfway.

I recently changed the manifold gaskets and spark plugs due to coolant in my oil and it ran fine before I did that.

Any information would be great, Thanks.
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Due to your previous repairs, it is possible that the leaking intake manifold gaskets allowed oil and/or coolant to enter the exhaust system and damage the catalytic converter material. When catalytic converters become contaminated or overheat and melt, it will cause an exhaust restriction which in turn degrades engine performance. Just a thought. As with any driveability complaint, its near impossible to diagnose without having the vehicle in the hands of a qualified technician. Short of pulling the exhaust off and inspecting the catalytic converter, there may not be too much that you can do yourself. Various tests would need to be performed in order to determine exactly what is going on. When was the last time the fuel filter was replaced? Air filter?
Well my wife had the car before we met and recently told me she had never replaced the fuel filter before now for six years. That is my next task to the car. I just replaced the air filter last month so that should be fine.
ck cadilic converter stoped up
Check the fuel lines, hose pressure and head gaskets, fuel filter and carb.