Car clunks when going over bumps on 2001 Volvo S80

My 01 S80 clunks when going over bumps 30-40 mph. I have replaced the struts, upper mount plate for struts, sway bar end links, and lower control arms. Everything else is tight, or seems to be. This never happened until 102k. Also clunks on acceleration @ about 10-25 mph when crossing bumps. Any help will be much appreciated!

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Well you addressed most the things that cause the noise, however there is a couple of other possibilities. You really want to check the motor mounts, especially the one at the front of the engine.
When it clunks on acceleration, do you feel the clunk around your feet?
The sound seems to be on the passenger side coming into the car from the right side and low in the engine compartment, as I hear it.,Thanks
I would check that RF Engine mount, it's under the front of the engine. Check the ball joint too.
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ihad the same problem changed all the items you changed finally i find that the Swaybar was bad quality or factory defected i had chaged again both sides other brand and everything is fine