Caprice starts up rough and bogs out when trying to accelerate on 1993 Chevrolet Caprice

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If I let the car gradullay increase speed without pushing the pedal too seems to run ok...I replaced dist cap..wires and plugs..This all happened after i accidently pressed the gas pedal like 3 times before has run rough ever since..any suggestions?..Thanks you n advance Rex
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It may be that your Throttle Position Sensor is worn out.The fact that you pressed the pedal down 3 times should not have hurt anything. ( By the way, it does nothing these days for a car, there are no more carburetors, only do it to clear out a flooded condition which almost never happens any more because of the computer )

Have your Throttle Position Sensor checked
thank you..would that cause the chek engine light to come on though? Theres no engine light on.I checked for spark today and it seemed to be yellow and not blue.But i will check that Throtlle position sensor thank you
Man I'm having the exact same problem with my 93 caprice right now. Did u ever get it fixed? If so can u please tell me wut u had to end up doing.