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Capitol Cadillac
December 17, 2013

If you need a vehicle serviced in Fairbanks, beware of Mike's University Chevron.

Last time (3 years ago) they missed crimping a wheel weight which I found on the ground next to the tire later minutes after leaving the station.

This time I left the vehicle with Mike's University Chevron for a tire changeover the night before & picked it up the following evening, only to find the INSIDE severely frosted up - a stupid cheechako mistake by the mechanics. Twenty minutes of defrosting later I drove away then ran it for 90 minutes to try to clear all the frost inside.

Next morning after being parked outside it wouldn't start. When I went to jump the battery even the hood was frozen in place. Finally after cycling the shifter a bunch of times the transmission interlock finally disengaged & it started.

All of these problems are a result of Mike's University Chevron not taking the time to get the wet air out before they parked it - how hard is it to open the doors for a minute or two so it doesn't frost up? We live in an Arctic climate & I expect professionals to take the simple steps necessary to keep the interior of a car from frosting up when it goes from a wet garage at 50F to a parking lot at -10F.

At best this is clearly this is beyond the skill level or comprehension of Mike's University Chevron; at worst I'd suspect they have created opportunities for revenue enhancement.

Consider yourself warned - I certainly won't ever use Mike's University Chevron again!

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