cant start my car on 1996 Hyundai Elantra

my car started spuddering an the check engine lite was flashin then we parked it for about 2hrs when we went out to start it it would not start it cranked an attempted to want to start but failed then after i had it towed home i tryed to start it 2 days later an it wont start it is also not poppin or attemting to start it cranks normally but i replaced the throttle position sensor an the crank sensor but still no luck i have gas coming to the fuel filter an a strong oder of gas after attemting to start it i also took out the spark plugs an tested them by groundin them to the frame an cranking it a couple of times all appear to have spark one seems a little weaker than the others but car still wont start is there a way i can test the ignition coil packs for resistance

by in New Braintree, MA on March 10, 2011
0 answers
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