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2000 Honda Odyssey Question: can't shift into park, can't remove ignition key

A week ago,when I started my vehicle,it was stuck in park.After stomping on the brakes,it shifted out and I was able to drive.But when I went to park it, I was unable to shift back into park.Every other gear works fine,except park.I also can't get the key out of the ignition because I can't put it in park.What would cause this? -
Answer 1
Check your stoplamp switch they run from $19 to $37 one is w/cruise and the other is without cruise, Its located at the upper back of the brake pedal -
Answer 2
I have a 2007 honda civic automatic. Today I drove to the store, and had problems moving the gear from park into drive. My foot was on the brake, and i had to repeatedly keep trying the brake and then attempting to shift into drive. Eventually I was able to shift into gear, and it shifted quite easily. wondering what is going on? -