1996 Toyota Land Cruiser Q&A

1996 Toyota Land Cruiser Question: can't open hatch

I have a 96 land cruiser and for some reason I can't open the hatch, it does n ot appear to be stuck, I have no problem opening the hatch from the inside (except now I was playing around with a latch trying to fix it and now I can't even open it from the inside) -
Answer 1
It sounds like you outside hatch handle has disconnected from the lock mechanism. It could be that the handle is broken or the holding clip is broken. It is best to try to access it from the inside of the door by removing any paneling that covers it, however that was made more difficult by the fact that now the inner handle no longer opens the door. Some how, you have to remove that inner panel and access the door lock mechanisms. Leave the window up. -