Can't locate the transfer case control module, service 4wd light is on. on 1998 Chevrolet Suburban 1500

Service 4wd light is on, selector won't go into 2wd, stuck in 4whi. Replaced selector, motor, actuator, now I need to locate transfer case control module.

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Did you have the 4x4 system scan tested? If so post the code numbers so we can help.
Yes no code were there. Dealership said it was the tranfer case control moudle . It needs to be replaced. They quoted me 950.00 fix it and I can get the part for 165.00. Now I need to locate it
Under dash, on steering column bracket.
Thank you. Now we tring to remove it, we have the two bolt taken off, it's moving around but won't release, is there something I'm not doing
Remove the bracket, unplug the connector.
Thank you got it out.
U Bet
Post the results so others with this same 4x4 problem may benefit.
. Took it to the shop today and found out that the port that encoder motor connects to in the transfer case is striped out. A 600.00 fix for a rebuilt transfer case