can't keep the rpms! on 1999 Ford Taurus

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the car will start and it will run as long as you keep your foot on the pettle but as soon as you let off the rpms go down and it dies. just all the sudden started no leading up to it! please help me figure what is wrong with my car or even just some ideas!
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Several things can cause this, a vacuum leak causing "air"to enter the engine that the fuel injection computer doesn't know about, (under these conditions the air fuel ratio could be lean causing the engine to stall. An EGR valve that was sticking open could cause a lean condition as well. The car's computer uses an idle air control valve to adjust and compensate the engine idle speed.
Does your car have a Service Engine Soon light/Check Engine light on ? If so a scanner is used to diagnose the problem. The scanner will record what system causes your car to stall.