cant get the blowers to turn off on 2005 Kia Sportage

when using the heating i cant get the blowers to turn off or even go slow or fast they just stay at same speed and when i try to turn off nothing happens

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I would have the blower resistor tested.
what is a blower resistor and how much is it to repair
It is the blower speed controller, and sometimes they short internally causing blower to remain on. Pull the a/c-blower fuse. Not sure of the price, I'm not at the shop. Ask someone in your area.
thank you for ur help so it may just need fuse changed
No; Remove fuse to shut it off so it won't run the battery down until you get it fixed. Sorry was out fixing broken pipe at the well.
when i turn off the engine the blowers go off and when i start the car they go on
You are talking about the heater blower, inside the car correct. There is only one, there might be 2 for the radiator cooling fans.
yes i am talking about the blowers in the car go on when i start the car and when i turn off the engine off the fans go off
Take it to someone and tell them you need to have your blower resister checked, and how much will it cost.
thank you for all your time
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