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2003 Ford Taurus Question: cant get out of park

cant get out of park there is a little box on the brake pedal if i move it a little bit up and down it will come out not sure what the part is called to try and get it fixed -
Answer 1
Sounds like you're talking about the brake switch (sometimes called the "stop lamp switch", or "brake pedal position switch"). It may only need adjustment. Many brake switches are mounted on some kind of threaded shaft and adjusted with jam nuts. The brake switch sends the signal to the brake shift interlock that the brake is pressed, and allows the shifter to move out of 'park'. It also typically activates the brake lights -
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thats it -
Answer 2
The Napa part # is ECH SL826 cost is about $25 should be available at most auto parts stores. -
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thanks guys i hope it is easy to install -
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thanks guys i hope it is easy to install -
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