Can't get it out of park. Where do I purchase repair Kit 2W1Z-14A411-AAA? on 2000 Lincoln Town Car

This is an intermitant problem. Brake lights work. My Body Shop has not been able to trace the cause. I saw a technical bulletin which I think will solve the problem but am unable to locate this repair kit. Thanks for your help.

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Save yourself the agravation and possibly money. Bring it to the dealer.If your cars symptoms properly match the TSB , then let them be responsible for the repair.Otherwise let them diagnose it properly (may be diag. fee---Tech may need to actually get paid for knowledge ,cause of coarse everyone knows diagnostics can be done all day for free since techs get paid no matter what right?--wrong.Any how , fix it once , fix it right ,fix it whatever way you like ....just random thoughts and suggestions..good luck