can't fill with water on 1997 Chevrolet Camaro

I replaced the water pump,thermostat,upper and lower radiator hoses but the water lite is always on.i cant seem to get enough water in the engine.(help)

by in Trenton, IL on June 05, 2011
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ANSWER by on June 05, 2011
You need to determine whether the coolant is too low in the radiator or if the coolant level sensor is malfunctioning. So, check the level in your radiator, is it full? If it is, then it is most likely a sensor problem. If the radiator is low, then you need to figure out where the coolant is going. So, check for any leaks etc. If there are no leaks, you may have a damaged head gasket. Did the car get really hot?
COMMENT by on June 05, 2011
yes it did a couple times, when I'm driving it stays about 180 its when I sit it over heats theres no leaks that I have found,the radiator seems to be full but when I let it run to get the thermostat to open it will push the coolant out and over heat
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