Can't fill the gas tank on 1998 Jaguar XJ8

1998 Jaguar XJ-8...Tried to fuel my car (tank near empty) and fuel bubbled out the top. The fueling station hose would automatically stop when this happened, but still excess would come out the top. I could only get about three gallons in the tank before I gave up. The car seems to have no other issues.

Either your Evaporative Vent Valve is stuck closed or your Evaporative Charcoal Canister is saturated with fuel, which can happen, if a person is in the habit of 'topping off' which is continuing to put fuel in after the first or second shut off, by the fill nozzle.

here are some shops to inspect this issue:
Thanks, I'll research the evaporative vent valve especially since I almost never fill the tank full much less top off. I guess I should have mentioned in my question that the car is only driven 2-3 times per week (I'm retired) and the tank is usually only a quarter full at most. Again, thank you.
Thanks again, you nailed it. I took off the vent valve (passenger side charcoal filter) and cleaned up the inside with alcohol. I bench tested it with a 12 volt supply source (after letting it thoroughly dry) and worked the vent to make sure it moved smoothly. Replaced it and it now works like a champ. Again, thank you.