Can't figure out the Fuse Box Diagram... please help! on 2001 Toyota Camry

The interior dome light and the dash board light (that enables you to see the speedometer, etc)are out. I finally located the two fuse boxes under the vehicle's hood but I just cannot find the particular fuses for the blown out lights. In fact it's ridiculously impossible for a layman to figure out most of the fuse info from the fuse box covers. Please help!

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There is a 7.5A "Dome" fuse in a fuse box on the left side under the hood. It's also possible that the bulbs in question ore burned out.
Thanks Superbob... unfortunately I already took the vehicle to the mechanic this morning; got stopped by a cop last night because unbeknownst to me all the tail lights and the right headlight were also out. Mechanic just called to tell me that headlight and dashboard lights may be a related electrical problem that may or may not cost a lot to diagnose and fix (checked and ruled out bulbs). Told him to hold off repairs if total quote is in the hundreds. Any input on this? Thanks again, Superbob.