Can't Afford The Repair for a Catalytic Converter, What Do I Do? on 1999 Mercury Cougar

hi, my car (1999 mercury cougar) won't pass emissions test due to one of the catalytic converters gone bad. I can't afford the California Required purchase from the manufacturer or dealer to buy one they are $1000. I'm applying for the CAP program but that's only $500. I want to get a waiver but still have to invest in at least $450 on repairs to qualify. If it is already known that it needs a catalytic converter then that still makes me required for the rest of the amount for repair. Is there anything I can do or does anyone have any advice for me please help! I paid for the registration but can't get my tags until this is done. Thank You, Southern Belle

by in Antioch, CA on January 16, 2013
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ANSWER by on January 16, 2013
If you need to replace a manifold catalytic converter you may be stuck purchasing it from the dealer. If it is just a regular catalytic converter, there is typically aftermarket ones available for a fraction of the cost. The muffler shop replacing the catalytic converter will need to know some specifics about your vehicle to make sure there is a legal aftermarket catalytic converter meeting the CA requirements. It will matter if your car was originally a federally or California built car, you can find out by reading your emission or VIN label.
ANSWER by on January 16, 2013
you can check out the CAP program

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