Cannot get my UConnect to work with phone. on 2005 Chrysler 300

It all worked fine until I had to reset the phone. Now the car doesn't recognize the phone. Tried to redo and the car says there are too many devices connected. When I ask the phone to delete or list other devices, it says there are none.

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try deleteing all by disc battery
Disc battery in the phone or car? Phone just factory reset. It "finds" the device but can't connect. I've "unpaired" it and started all over. It will again find the device and be found but won't connect when the car says "too many devices" connected.
call your local dealer and ask questions. there is a tech bull about this. #08-014-06 call and see if they will walk you thru the reset procedure
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Any owners manual available?
Yes, but no troubleshooting suggestions. Just step by step, which isn't working. (Thanks for asking)