2001 Dodge Intrepid Q&A

2001 Dodge Intrepid Question: canged timing chain and tensioner all timing marks are on. but now wont start

has spark but turns over like no compression or not turning fast enuf -
Answer 1
If your marks are correct and you have no compression, you have either valve issues or bad luck. -
Comment 1
bad luck is a given. we started wth #1 cyl at tdc on exhaust stroke and crank marks on the money but engine acts like its 180 off. -
Comment 2
It probably is off 180deg, should be TDC compression stroke. -
Answer 2
Did the engine quit running with the old chain? #1 cyl at tdc on exhaust stroke?? Did you line up all plated (sinny) links with all gear marks? That is all you have to do!! Do you have a repair manual that shows the procedure for this and loading the tensioner? -
Answer 3
poss valve are damaged or worse,seek diag from a mech -
Comment 1
we looked at many diagrams but none actually show where tdc or on which stroke it shud be on. this chain is so complicated i cant believe some one hasnt come up with a play by play video on the rite way to put this 2.7 motor back together. -
Comment 2
There is,, youtube!!! Might not do you any good now though! -