Can you tell me which relay controls the high pressure fuel pump. on 2005 Toyota RAV4

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The problem is that three is a pressure in the fuel system between the high pressure pump and the common rail, after a computer scan the fault code that came up was PO627 and the guy said that was an open circuit in the fuel relay.
I need to know which fue box to find this relay and which relay it is within that box.
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What is the trouble? Engine will not run? Fuel pump not working? Do you have the owners manual? It will show which relay is for the fuel pump. It should also be on the fuse/relay box 'cover' under the hood.
After having it put on a diagnostic computer the code PO627 came up with read as being an open circuit at a relay, but I am told it is more likely to be caused by the svc being choked or having failed in the back of the high pressure pump, the engine starts and runs but the power only cuts in and then out again, with no power on a hill.