Can you tell me where we can buy just a torque converter for this car? on 2003 Acura MDX

We have a shudder at 45 mph and would like to try replacing torque converter vs. the entire transmission.

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bad move. if the converter failed, and that is if it failed, metal has been put into the system and has contaminated the whole trans. besides, with the new one installed, it will contaminate that one as well.

you can get it aftermarket at a parts store or get a new one from the dealer.

OK, thank you- it hasn't failed, I have had that rumbling at 40 mph for about 4 years and just want to address it now that we know what it is! In that case, do you still say don't replace torque converter only?
yep, it is failing and will most likely fail and the most in opportune time.

I believe in being pro active in this rather than re active when it fails.