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2000 Ford Windstar Question: Can you replace the IMRC seals on the lower intake manifold and how.

I don't know if I'm calling it by its correct name.I think my intake is leaking around the seals where the IMRC linkage hooks up to the intake manifold.If I can where can I find the seals they don't come in the gasket kit.Thats what I have been told. -
Answer 1
They carry these at autozone. I have never had to replace these myself but, if you can get to the intake manifold runner control rod (IMRC) it doesn't appear too difficult from that point. http://www.autozone.com/autozone/parts/2000-Ford-Windstar/Intake-Manifold-Vacuum-Retain-Bshng/_/N-jeppeZ8zp2t?filterByKeyWord=lower+intake+manifold&fromString=search -
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Thanks for the reply but I'm talking about the IMRC shaft that runs into the intake manifold.There is two of them. -
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Did you ever get this fix? -
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I found out that a small amount of leakage was OK. I did not have to replace the seals. Soon after the balance shaft broke and had to replace the engine. Found a used engine with 70,000 mile for $650.00. -
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Wow. After a lot of research one guy is actually doing a clean and repair service. He replaces both seals and both bearings for just shy of $400. That was the best price then, now you can get a aftermarket manifold new for around $330 now. Fords manifolds are discontinued but I did find one online for over $600. -