can you replace the engine on a 99 legend, with a japenese engine on 1995 Acura Legend

it seems like we need to either rebuilt the engine and the housing or replace it with a japenense 2000 or 2001 engine, could that be done, and would it interfere with the computer

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From what I've seen with the Japanese engines is that you only typically use the long block and maybe the intake. People with a worn engine usually just need an engine with fresh rings, bearings, and head gasket.

Swapping in a later model engine adds complexity because it will most certainly use a different ECU. 96-up engines will be OBD-II, which means all the sensors and emissions are likely very different. If you're not replacing your stock engine with an exact replacement, definitely do your homework to see what exactly you'll need in terms of mounts, transmission, ECU/harness, axles, etc. Also make sure it was an engine that was available in the US otherwise you'll never get it past the ref and SMOG here in CA The next gen C35A might bolt right in place of your C32 but I'm not sure if you can still use your stock engine harness.