Can you repair lower control bushings and front linkage yourself? on 2003 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

I was told the left and right lower control bushings are dry and cracked. I was also told that the left front-end linkage is broken. I don't have the money currently to have a shop do the repairs so was hoping it might be possible to do ourselves. Are there any special tools we need? Any information you can provide is greatly appreciated.

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Yes you can. Here is a forum link with the procedure for the bushings As for the linkage problem, you basically remove that at the same time as the lower control arm. Use this pic for bolt location and sizes only. Ignore the part about the sway bar bushings unless those are broke too. I am assuming the sway bar bushings are ok and you are referring to the sway bar links. Be sure to use jack stands on the car and a jack on the control arm with just enough pressure to relieve stress on lower arm bolt.