Can you give me a checklist of the 30K mile servicing? on 2010 Toyota RAV4

My Rav4 is due for the 30,000 mile service and maintenance. I'm trying to cut down on the inflated costs I'll incur by taking it to Toyota dealership. For example, I know the cabin filter is due for swap-out and this costs $40 thru the dealer, but I can get it for $15 at most parts stores, and I can easily install it. How many other items are on the checklist for 30K service that I could do myself?
Thanks for any help!

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look in your owners manual it should be there under maint sch
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IF you're going to save the labor $$ by doing it yourself , treat yourself good and get Toyota parts!!........
Does it really make a difference? Glad you brought this up, because I probably wouldn't have opted for the Toyota brand, thinking it's just an upcharge.
YES , it does make a difference , especially the seemingly simple things like their oil filter. 200,000 miles later you won't regret it. ENJOY!
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