can you change the old headlight beams bulds to this new blue beam light blubs on 2010 Chevrolet Camaro

this is for a Camaro, what is the name of the blue beam light bulbs, the best ones?

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Check out ebay! Enter what you want in the search bar.... You'll find what you're looking for!!... I would not install the HID system!!! You can get some kick ass blue bulbs besides HID!!... Go to ebay!
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Parts stores also , refered to as 'cool blue' , for on road use , make sure the package has a 'DOT' approval , many will say in small print 'for off road use only , and will not pass va. safety inspection (if the inspector gives a hoot!).
IF the correct part number is ordered, one that will fit the car, it will be DOT approved! I always pull the headlight bulbs out and check them before i put an approval inspection sticker on one... dosen't every VA. nspector?... .Candlepower and aim is a good thing to check!
yeah , they all do , my bad.....!
Sure they do!