2000 Toyota Tacoma Q&A

2000 Toyota Tacoma Question: can u tell me what the problem with my toyota tacoma is?

it has several codes.300,302,303. it ldels rough and lacks power. I have repalced all injectors,all coil packs,all sparkplugs,air filter.its a 2000, 2.4l standard trany.I cleaned the mass air flow senser last night. althow each time i replaced a componit it ran better. it still has the codes pop up after 20 to fifty miles of driving. what do you think? -
Answer 1
Those codes are cylinder misfire codes. I suggest you do a compression test on all 4 cylinders. there should be no more than 20% difference between all 4 cylinders. -
Answer 2
I had same code(s) went thru all you did it turned out to be a bad fuel filter. hope it helps -
Comment 1
I changed the fuel filter before i changed the injectors.no difference but thanks for the responce -