Can the Endeavor brake system be flushed without removing the tires? on 2008 Mitsubishi Endeavor

A dealer recently they performed the brake system flush, but they did not remove the tires. Is that possible?

Asked by for the 2008 Mitsubishi Endeavor
You don't need to remove the wheels to do a brake flush...the bleeder screws are not covered by the wheels, they are on the inner side of the wheels. I know that not many people trust their mechanics, by my customers trust me...stop through a few shops in your area and just talk to the mechanic for a minute, if one makes a good impression on you...give them a try. Finding a trust-worthy mechanic is not terribly hard to do...they are out there. Then you'll never have to worry about whether they did the work or not.
Thanks for the response. The reason I got so concerned is that they charged me for an annual inspection that included wheel rotation and brake inspection and hadn't even removed the wheels. Hard to rotate tires when the wheels arent removed. My trust was blown from that point forward. They credited me $50 for having lied to me.