1996 Toyota Camry Q&A

1996 Toyota Camry Question: can the car start without the distributor harness conected,

i broke the harness and only have the wire conected, i dont even know its on the right wiring -
Answer 1
No it will not start! -
Comment 1
can a bad camshaft position sensor cause a car not to start, thank you -
Comment 2
No cam position sensor on this engine. There is a crank pos. sensor that will keep it from starting. And they do give some trouble. You need to have it checked first as many more items can cause this. -
Comment 3
thanks when you told me it would't start without the connection, i ask that because i did;t knoe the wire was cross or not. It was, and now it start. thank you very much, your the man! -
Answer 2
highly unlikely -