Can the body control module turn on the headlights with the vehicle turned off? on 2005 Buick LaCrosse

Twice in the past several weeks, the battery has been drained. I replaced the 5-y-old original battery after the first time it happened. The next time, I was told that the headlights were on all night. The headlight control has been on automatic. Even if it had been manually 'on', however, the manual says that there is a feature that shuts down all lights after 10 min if the vehicle is turned off. My assumption is that the system that controls the lights is errantly turning them on. Is this control found in the body control module?

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I would first check the head light relay, if it is sticking on then you would have your problem. Yes the Body Control Module controls this relay which controls the lights, but start small, it is not uncommon for a relay to stick.

here is a site that has repair info for your car, including electrical lighting info: